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The objectives you've outlined for a digital campaign focused on girls' empowerment are critical for advancing gender equality and promoting the rights and well-being of girls worldwide. Here's a detailed look at each objective:

  1. Ensure Education for All Inclusive Girls:
    • Access to Education: Prioritize access to quality education for girls from all backgrounds, including those with disabilities, those from marginalized communities, and those in conflict or disaster-affected areas.
    • Curriculum Development: Develop and promote an inclusive curriculum that addresses the needs and realities of all girls.
    • Teacher Training: Train educators to be sensitive to the diverse needs of girls and to employ inclusive teaching methods.
    • Infrastructure Improvement: Ensure that educational facilities are accessible and equipped with the necessary resources to cater to the needs of all girls.
  2. Stop Violence Against Girls and Discrimination:
    • Awareness Campaigns: Run digital awareness campaigns to educate society about the harmful effects of violence and discrimination against girls.
    • Policy Advocacy: Advocate for stronger policies and legal frameworks that protect girls from all forms of violence and discrimination.
    • Support Services: Provide support services for girls who are victims of violence, including counseling, legal aid, and shelter.
    • Community Engagement: Engage communities in dialogue and activities that challenge gender stereotypes and promote gender equality.
  3. Promote Girls' Empowerment in an Inclusive Manner:
    • Leadership Opportunities: Create opportunities for girls to take on leadership roles in various settings, including schools, community groups, and digital platforms.
    • Skill Development: Offer programs that help girls develop a wide range of skills, from digital literacy to critical thinking and decision-making.
    • Mentorship Programs: Establish mentorship programs that connect girls with role models and mentors in various fields.
    • Economic Empowerment: Provide girls with pathways to economic empowerment, such as vocational training, entrepreneurship programs, and financial literacy courses.

The success of such a campaign hinges on collaboration with various stakeholders, including governments, educational institutions, NGOs, the private sector, and the communities themselves. By addressing these objectives, the campaign would not only empower girls but also contribute to the broader goals of sustainable development and a more equitable society.


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The Ovijatra campaign, initiated by the Disabled Rehabilitation & Research Association (DRRA) in 2010, played a significant role in advocating for the approval of the National Disability Act in Bangladesh.