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“OVIJATRA”- Journey Ahead 

“OVIJATRA”- Journey Ahead is a national-level campaign organized by Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Association (DRRA). This campaign envisions bringing change in policies and attitudes by engaging multi-stakeholders on issues such as inclusion, empowerment. The campaign was initiated in 2010 to advocate for the rights of Persons with Disabilities and DRRA takes the privilege to say that it has successfully contributed towards the enactment of the Rights and Protection of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2013 in Bangladesh.  

The focus of the 2024 campaign is Girls 12 years of Education and Climate Change. As evident from Bangladesh Education Statistics 2022, 86.81 per cent of girls completed primary education and 59.22 per cent of girls completed secondary education in 2022. The dropout rate in secondary education level is more than 40 percent and numerous socio-economic aspects are causes and consequences of dropout. This campaign aims to contribute in changing this situation for a better future for girls in Bangladesh.  

Despite its very minimal contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions, Bangladesh is the 7th most vulnerable country to the devastating effects of climate change. Rising sea levels, extreme climatic, weather events, and changing rainfall patterns threaten lives and livelihoods. The women and girls in Bangladesh are highly vulnerable to climate change, particularly in education, health and livelihoods.  

Campaign Title:  

The title for this year’s campaign is "Swapno E Sob: Dream is everything". The "Swapno E Sob: Dream is everything" campaign aims to create a powerful movement that celebrates girls' education and empower them to unlock their full potential. By combining range of initiatives, the campaign resulting to inspire girls to dream bigger, overcome challenges, and become the change makers they were always meant to be for the deserving people. 

Campaign Goal: To create awareness on transformative power of girls’ 12 years of quality education. 

Campaign Messages: Every girl's, irrespective of culture and settings, deserves 12 years of quality education to unlock her full potential and make a positive impact in her life and livelihood, her community and the world of her work.  

Campaign Strategies: 

  • Storytelling
  • Interactive Activities
  • Social Media campaign 
  • Community Awareness

Campaign Actions: 

  1. Action Research  
  2. Community Outreach Activities
  3. Media Engagement 
  4. Advocacy Meetings 

About US

The Ovijatra campaign, initiated by the Disabled Rehabilitation & Research Association (DRRA) in 2010, played a significant role in advocating for the approval of the National Disability Act in Bangladesh.